Bouzy Rouge


Confidential and rare, Bouzy, the northernmost red wine from France continues in the ancient tradition of the still wines of Champagne.
At harvest time, only the ripest and healthiest Pinot Noir from years of very high quality are reserved in a special crate in the “éfouloir”, a machine that stalks the fruit and precipitates the burst grapes into a tank.
A few days later after many sessions of mangling, the juice has taken the color and tannins from the pulp. After fermentation, the wine is bottled for maturation for at least two years.

blason Galichet Tasting notes

Its robe is ruby-red, the nose exudes very ripe red fruits with a hint of peppery spices and cinnamon.  On the palate, the wine is light and fresh.

blason Galichet Composition of the cuvée

For this precious beverage in a ruby robe, the Galichet house reserves the Pinot Noir from his finest vineyards ideally facing south halfway up the hillside.

blason Galichet Food & wine pairings

Bouzy Rouge is to be enjoyed on roasted meats, free-range poultry. Also, fans will appreciate it at a Champenois breakfast with pasties, pork-butchery and light cheese. Others will appreciate it in coq au vin, Champagne hotpot, and snails with Bouzy Rouge. Serve chilled between 10 and 12 degrees.